Decompression Brace with Panels

The DDS Double consists of a unique and patented expandable Decompression Back Brace, Detachable Anterior and Posterior Rigid Panels and a Hand-Air Pump. It’s the most versatile brace of its kind! 

Diabetic and Orthotic Shoes

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Orthopedic Support

  There are dozens of braces, supports, splints, and wraps in many sizes.  Don’t settle for the wrong product or the wrong size.  We will help you choose the products you need so you can get on with your life after a sports injury, arthritis, or over exertion.  Come by the store or call us and one of our team (not a call service from who knows where) will answer your questions and help you find what you need

Mobility | Safety

We carry hundreds of specialized items to help increase independence and mobility.  


 American kinetics Lab carries all your OBG\YN needs including Breast Pumps.  Call us at 347.850.4550  A knowledgeable customer service Specialist  will answer any product and insurance questions you may have. 


Our knowledgeable staff will help you pick out the appropriate medical ventilator system to maximize your child's  respiratory performance, safety and comfort.